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purple nerd

red nerd

good evening (:

visiting relatives is the worst

i briefly fell asleep for a moment there

gulesgardener replied to your post:
lemme see if we have any in the cabinets and if not maybe i can run down to the store before rox and jade wake up mmk??

if you dont have any you dont have to go out of your way for me

kitsyo replied to your post:
Hello Dave, I’m Dirk Strider. It’s a pleasure to meet you too.

how are you today dirk? id like to hope your day is going well

gulesgardener replied to your post:
lmfao if you dont like it im not gonna make you eat it dork

i would still try it! if youre that inclined to make me something im really hungry for oatmeal? if you happen to have any

can i make this an open post to anyone ive followed or that has followed me recently? hello im dave lalonde and its a pleasure to meet you all

gulesgardener replied to your post:
well if its a fever sweating it outll help but idk if watching movies on repeat is gonna help lmfao (do you want a thermos of chicken noodle soup or somethin)

theres a fever but mostly i have an infection and its very unpleasant and i havent had chicken noodle soup in years and from what i last recall im not that fond of it but? go ahead and send me some if youd like and i will try it

though thinking about it? giving people piggy back rides is so cute? they get so excited most of the time and are so happy and its downright precious

dave /
i dont want anymore bullshit any time during the day from anyone (that includes me)